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Payment DateStandard Delivery DateRush Delivery Date
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Monday, Sep. 25Wednesday, Oct. 11Wednesday, Oct. 04
Tuesday, Sep. 26Thursday, Oct. 12Thursday, Oct. 05
Wednesday, Sep. 27Friday, Oct. 13Friday, Oct. 06
Thursday, Sep. 28Monday, Oct. 16Monday, Oct. 09
Friday, Sep. 29Tuesday, Oct. 17Tuesday, Oct. 10
Saturday, Sep. 30Tuesday, Oct. 17Tuesday, Oct. 10
Sunday, Oct. 01Tuesday, Oct. 17Tuesday, Oct. 10
Monday, Oct. 02Wednesday, Oct. 18Wednesday, Oct. 11
Tuesday, Oct. 03Thursday, Oct. 19Thursday, Oct. 12
Wednesday, Oct. 04Friday, Oct. 20Friday, Oct. 13
Thursday, Oct. 05Monday, Oct. 23Monday, Oct. 16
Friday, Oct. 06Tuesday, Oct. 24Tuesday, Oct. 17
Saturday, Oct. 07Tuesday, Oct. 24Tuesday, Oct. 17
Sunday, Oct. 08Tuesday, Oct. 24Tuesday, Oct. 17
Monday, Oct. 09Wednesday, Oct. 25Wednesday, Oct. 18
Tuesday, Oct. 10Thursday, Oct. 26Thursday, Oct. 19
Wednesday, Oct. 11Friday, Oct. 27Friday, Oct. 20
Thursday, Oct. 12Monday, Oct. 30Monday, Oct. 23
** Rush Delivery - ADD 10% Fee to Order Total and
may also require Express Ship Upcharge.

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* I would like a copy of this artwork e-mailed to me for $15.00 to use for programs      *Please allow 2-3 working days for e-mail to arrive.

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or UPS COD cashiers check.
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